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What to consider when purchasing a conference phone

Virtual meetings require equipment that always works reliably and delivers high-quality sound. It also needs to be accessible at all times if the company wants to reduce time spent travelling. The meetings are often held in the conference room where those participating have gathered and participants in other locations are called to join in the meeting. It is equally possible to have a conference phone in your office for spontaneous meetings or if you want to leave your hands free for working. It’s a good idea to determine what the users need before you decide on any particular model. It is also important to consider how the conference phone will be integrated with the company’s other communication tools and what infrastructure is in place or is being planned?

The following four questions will help you to choose the right model:


  1. How will you be meeting? In the conference room, office or different places. A wireless model is preferable for meetings in different places.
  2. How many people will be meeting? Up to 12, up to 20 or more?
  3. Are any special features required? Wireless, recording capabilities, simple multi-party call feature.


  1. What is the company’s technical infrastructure? Analogue, DECT, mobile, IP or is it going to be used in environments with Microsoft Lync, Skype or other VoIP software?
So now you need to take stock of the users’ needs and how the conference phones will be connected. We suggest you look at the overview (on page 2) to help you select the model(s) that best suits your requirements.

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