Distance meetings due to a strict travel policy

The Swedish Fortifications Agency is one of Sweden's largest property owners, and is present at around 50 locations throughout Sweden. "We've converted to Telia Touchpoint, a cloud-based exchange solution. We've also invested in around 30 Konftel 300IP. We have a dispersed organisation with a strict travel policy, which makes distance meetings a natural and important part of our everyday work," says Maria Larsson, head of the Swedish Fortifications Agency's service centre.

With offices and employees spread all over the country, flexible communication solutions are very important. There is everything from single-person offices to hundreds of employees at the head office. "There's a lot of demand for the opportunity for distance meetings using conference phones. We also have a lot of video conferences, but shorter conference phone meetings are the most common. We have a lot of meetings like that. Sharing documents by computer creates extra quality and I can see that more and more talk to each other via Konftel 300IP and share documents via Skype for Business," says Maria Larsson. The Swedish Fortifications Agency is environmentally certified and has a strict travel policy. They invest in technical solutions to support communication between employees and customers.
“More and more people are talking to each other via Konftel 300IP
and sharing documents via Skype for Business”
Maria Larsson, the Swedish Fortifications Agency
"There is great variation in how they connect to meetings. Some people take part out in the field via mobile phone, others by phone from the office, and some sit around a Konftel in a meeting room. Better sound quality and IP-based interfaces are the reason that we chose Konftel 300IP, since it's a good match for our Telia Touchpoint solution."
"We use Telia Touchpoint. We've also invested in around 30 Konftel 300IP for our distance meetings. With a dispersed organisation and a strict travel policy, distance meetings are a natural and important part of our everyday work." Maria Larsson, head of the Swedish Fortifications Agency's service centre.


The Swedish Fortifications Agency manages 8,000 buildings, thousands of fortifications, airfields, land and forests, as well as bridges and harbours. The largest customer is the Swedish Armed Forces, but there are also a number of civilian customers. This state agency has over 600 employees spread over an extensive geographical area. The Fortifications Agency's service centre is responsible for exchanges, telephony, IT help desk, post handling and travel booking. They also handle fault reports from customers. The service centre is located in Arvidsjaur, more than 90 miles north of the head office in Eskilstuna. "This functions really well. With today's technology, it doesn't matter where you're located. There are smart solutions to bridge the distance between everyone in the organisation, wherever they are located geographically."


Konftel 300IP is a flexible conference phone adapted to IP telephony, and with high sound quality, thanks to the OmniSound® sound technology, with wideband to give a clear and natural sound. It is possible to pre-programme various groups to be called up just by pushing a button, and there is also a recording function. The model can also be expanded for wider connectivity by connecting extra microphones, external wireless headsets and loudspeaker systems.

• Telia Touchpoint (Call Guide)
• Konftel 300IP
• System phones, mobile phones and
• Skype for Business
• Encrypted telephony, crypto faxes

Important for the Swedish
Fortifications Agency:

• IP-based solution
• Easy operation
• High-class sound quality
• Possible to share documents

About the Swedish Fortifications Agency
The Swedish Fortifications Agency is one of Sweden's largest property owners. The Agency is responsible to the government for ensuring that the Swedish Armed Forces have well-functioning facilities, land and premises for their activities. Other customers include the Police, the aviation authority (LFV), the Swedish Coast Guard and a number of private organisations. The Swedish Fortifications Agency is found at 52 locations in Sweden and has around 620 employees. The head office is located in Eskilstuna. The property portfolio includes all types of premises, facilities and land which the defence services and also civil society need in both peacetime and wartime. In total this concerns around 3.3 million square metres of premises, 8,000 buildings, 7,700 fortifications, 11 airfields and 380,000 hectares of land, including 100,000 hectares of forest, as well as bridges and harbours, etc. For more information: www.fortv.se 
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