Konftel 300IPx - The art of easiness
- Support Konftel Unite – One Touch Conferencing
- USB audio
- Built-in bridging function
- SD call recording
Product Data Sheet
The Product data sheet describes the product benefits, features and optional accessories.
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Konftel ZTI
Give customers IP conference phones that just need to be plugged in to use. Thanks to our Konftel ZTI service you can prepare devices simply and automatically via a web portal.
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Product Guide
Find the model for your situation. Product and situation overview. View or download as a pdf file (600 Kb)
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Get your latest Software
for Konftel 300IPx
Latest version: 2.7.26
Publishing date: 2017-10-23
IP Telephony
Find out how you can connect a Konftel conference phone to IP PBX
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Extended Use
With the addition of external equipment Konftel conference phones can be used in very large applications.
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Administration &
Quick Installation Guide
PA Interface Box
Quick Guide
Konftel 300 and 200 Series
This product data sheets is presenting the whole 200 & 300 series in one data sheet – easier to get a quick brief and compare features.
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User Guide
The User guide describes the conference phone features, settings and how the appliance should be operated.
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Safety, Declarations and Warranty Information
Important information to read before getting started. Also contain information about warranty and service.
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