The Konftel 300Mx – unrestricted meetings
Konftel 300Mx
Replaces the Konftel 300M from Nov 2015
What's new?
- Support for the HD Voice standard
Product Data Sheet
The Product data sheet describes the product benefits, features and optional accessories.
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Quick Guide
The Quick guide helps you quickly start to use your conference phone. It describes everything from installation to usage.
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User Guide
The User guide describes the conference phone features, settings and how the appliance should be operated.
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Safety, Declarations and Warranty Information
Important information to read before getting started. Also contain information about warranty and service.
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Get your latest Software
for Konftel 300Mx
Latest version: 2.0.27
Publishing date: 2017-08-10
Product Guide
Find the model for your situation. Product and situation overview. View or download as a pdf file (600 Kb)
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