The advantages of a conference phone

A face-to-face meeting isn’t always the best way to meet with other people. Some meetings can be replaced with an audio conference, which is an easy and spontaneous way to meet. It has a lot of advantages such as time and cost savings as well as reduced carbon emissions.

The sound

It is essential to have top-quality sound for efficient and confusion free meetings. A regular speaker phone can’t provide that. It doesn’t allow speech in both directions like a conference phone with Full Duplex does and the microphone range is very often poor which can result in loss of interest. The Konftel OmniSound® sound technology provides crystal clear sound.

Time and costs spent on travel

Gather colleagues to have the phone meeting, and continue with other tasks directly after the meeting. Avoid traffic jams and delayed flights!


Be spontaneous – with audio conferencing, you can pull together ad hoc meetings with anyone who has a phone (and these days nearly everyone does). It makes it easy to get the creative juices flowing between your brightest and best collaborators no matter where they are.

Fast ROI

Enjoy a fast ROI – a conference phone pays for itself with your first skipped business trip.

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