Large situations

20 < people

Konftel’s versatility and audio quality enhance conferences and meetings in large lecture halls and auditoriums. With our comprehensive capacity to deliver top peformance at major events, your guests can enjoy an unrivalled sound experience — regardless of their physical locations or levels of participation.

When you connect your Konftel to a PA system with speakers and microphones, guests can attend from remote locations, and can even enhance their listening experiences with wireless headsets. In-house participants, on the other hand, can join the discussion during question-and-answer periods by using wireless hand-held microphones.

Moreover, speakers are free to move about, confident that both remote and in-house audiences can hear their voices distinctly and clearly. Konftel connects to a PA system to deliver crystal-clear sound and is an excellent choice at major events where presentation standards are high.
Examples of products for this situation:
Konftel 300 Konftel 300IP Konftel 300IPx
Konftel 300
Konftel 300IP
Konftel 300IPx
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