Meetings at your desk & smaller meeting rooms


With a Konftel unit on your desk, time and distance are no longer obstacles. It’s fast and simple to hold spontaneous meetings without leaving the office or losing precious work time. You can quickly arrange ad hoc meetings to discuss small details that might otherwise delay critical projects, or effortlessly meet with the entire team to consider large questions and share the latest information. And with a Konftel conference phone on your desk, it’s equally easy to conduct regularly scheduled meetings.

Fixed telephony is only one method of communicating at a distance. Telephony has stepped into the world of information technology to meet today’s ever-increasing demand for fast and efficient communications.
Unified communications (UC) enables seamless integration between all forms of communication — including mobile phones, computers, and fixed-line phones. Our conference phones harness the inherent power and versatility of UC technologies.

Examples of products for this situation:
Konftel 220 Konftel 300Wx Konftel 250
Konftel 220
Konftel 300Wx
Konftel 55
Konftel 250
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