Konftel Service
If your Konftel require service, please use our support web form.

Service & Warranty

Are you having problems with your Konftel? Make sure to check the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) section since your answer may be provided there. To identify and fix other problems, contact your reseller or the Konftel support line.

All Konftel models come with a two-year warranty. The warranty is void if the product has been damaged as a result of negligence, improper use, tampering, or unauthorised modification or if the product has been exposed to fire, electrical storms, or excessive voltage. A fee will be charged for all returned products that are found to be without defects.
Service is offered after the expiration of the warranty. Contact your reseller for estimated costs.
If you have any questions about your warranty or service repair, please contact Konftel at rma@konftel.com
or call +46 (0)90 70 64 89.
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