Sweden, Umeå, 2009-06-16
Wireless conferencing with Konftel 300W
Konftel, Europe’s leading conference phone manufacturer, will launch its Konftel 300W in Q4 2009. The product can be previewed at InfoComm 2009 to be held June 17-19 in Orlando, USA. Konftel 300W is a completely wireless conference phone featuring a rechargeable battery for up to 48 hours of talk time. Its wireless connection to DECT/DECT 6.0 gives you the freedom to use audio conferencing all around your office building - even in rooms where there are no phone lines. Konftel 300W features SD call recording and a conference guide that helps you set up multi-party calls. Our patented audio technology, OmniSound® 2.0, provides crystal-clear sound and industry-leading echo cancellation features to enhance the quality of all your phone meetings.
DECT is a thoroughly tested wireless standard in terms of safety and audio transmission. A coverage range of up to 650 ft (200m) allows you to move the conference phone to wherever a meeting is being held. The Konftel 300W is GAP compatible and can be integrated with existing DECT systems.
Konftel 300W is easy to connect to your cell/mobile phone or computer via USB for VoIP calls. Its embedded Line mode function enables you to switch between DECT, cell/mobile phones and USB and combine them for multi-party calls.

Konftel 300W comes with a rechargeable battery giving you up to 48 hours of talk time and 10 days/240 hrs of standby time; battery status is indicated on the large display as well as the range to the nearest DECT base. For easy charging Konftel 300W comes with a Konftel charging cradle ensuring that the unit is always charged and ready for the next meeting.

Konftel 300W has a recording feature using an SD memory card. This is ideal for when you want to archive an important meeting or just replay it to people who were unable to attend. The SD card can also be used with a computer for playback or storing audio files.

Save your contacts in the phone book and use the conference guide to easily set up multi-party calls. You can also create groups for frequent conference calls so that you can call all the participants at the press of a single button.

With its modern Scandinavian design, Konftel 300W will be a welcome addition to any conference room. Bring your colleagues together and hold productive telephone conferences, a meeting form that saves both time and the environ¬ment while cutting travel expenses.

Konftel 300W will be available worldwide starting Q4 2009 and is covered by Konftel’s industry leading 2-year warranty.

For more information, please contact:
Clarence Jacobson, VP of Sales & Business Development, +46 (0)90 70 64 76,
Tommy Edlund, Product Manager, +46 (0)90 70 64 81,
Fredrik Hörnkvist, President of Konftel  Inc, +1 (847) 770-1277,

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