Sweden, Umeå, 2010-12-16
Konftel launches new website
Konftel has developed a website on a brand new platform. This not only means feature enhancements and a clearer structure, the new website should also serve as a catalyst for future growth. In addition to the English, Swedish, German and French language versions, Konftel has now expanded its website to include a US English version.
Puff pieces on the homepage will make it easier for visitors to find the most frequently visited web pages. Navigation has also been simplified by creating a homepage for each main menu on which the most popular sub-pages are presented.
Companies around the world are increasingly using remote participation technologies to conduct business meetings and rely on Konftel’s conference phones to deliver crystal clear sound every time. Different situations are presented with examples of models and reviews of smart features.
The Interoperability Portal is a completely new feature containing all information about connections to different communication solutions. Just as before, there are manuals, product data sheets and uppgrade of software as well as high resolution images available for downloading.
This is the initial step in the development process and we are working continuously on the development of more features and would be pleased to hear your thoughts and wishes. Please send them to webmaster.