Sweden, Umeå, 2011-03-15
Konftel grew by 50% during 2010
Fantastic growth for just one year! This convinces us that our focus on local sales offices and our development of several new conference telephones over the course of 2008 was absolutely spot on. We know that when the economic crisis was at its worst in 2009 the industry was negatively affected to the tune of a 21% reduction.* Konftel was the only company in the industry that grew – and by as much as 13%.
Continued high demand for conference telephones
In 2010 the industry experienced strong growth, with a brighter outlook for the company's finances. Frost & Sullivan, the business market research and consulting firm, is predicting continued average annual growth of 17% for 2011-2015.
*) Source: Frost & Sullivan; World Tabletop Audio Conferencing Endpoints Markets, Nov 2010.