Sweden, Umeå, 2013-12-09
New release compatible with Microsoft Lync
As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the functionality and features of our products, we are now releasing software for the Konftel 55 series that includes enhanced support of functions for Microsoft® Lync®.
Layer for Lync
The user interface have a new and fresh design. Features that are supported and displayed on the Konftel 55 series display screen:
- answer/end call
- call information; name, subject and talk time are displayed
- your status information (presence)
- last number redial
- keypad for calling via Lync
- mute
- voice mail

The hub of your communications
Computers,  smartphones, tablets and desktop phones - the Konftel 55 series is designed to keep pace with the array of devices used for communicating in the conference room today.