Sweden, Umeå, 2014-03-25
Seeing and hearing is believing
Konftel’s Demo/Experience Centre has recently opened in Shanghai, China. “Konftel’s smart solutions and flexibility are perfectly suited for the large Chinese market. Here there is a variety of market conditions, so the ability to adapt is important”, says Simon Chin, Konftel’s Sales Director APAC.
Konftel’s largest distributor in China, Control Tech Group, is behind the new centre in collaboration with Konftel. The centre boasts five rooms featuring different technical platforms that enable resellers and customers to experience Konftel’s products firsthand. Technology of your choice (computers, tablets, mobile phones, desk phones) can easily be connected via Konftel’s range of products. “Seeing is believing – that’s the whole idea. Here you can experience for yourself just how easy it is to hold a conference call with the best sound quality available. It’s very popular to come here and try out our products for yourself”, explains Simon Chin.

Continued Growth
The Asia-Pacific region (known as APAC) is still experiencing considerable growth. Considering the vast distances in the region effective communication solutions are important. “Konftel is relatively new in China but we can already see that the ease of use of our products and outstanding sound quality are key to our future success. We have high growth expectations and plans to open even more Experience Centres in important strategic locations”, says Simon Chin. 

Meetings large or small
Konftel Experience Centre has several rooms with different UC platforms featuring technologies from, among others, Unify (Siemens), Cisco, Microsoft Lync, Skype and Jabra headsets. “We have built various scenarios – small, medium and large – which suit different customers. You can also connect to a PA system and have the opportunity to try everything from a simple remote meeting via a computer or mobile telephone to experiencing a larger video conference”.

Development and Quality
Konftel is a Swedish company founded in 1988 that has established itself as a leading developer of sound technology and conference telephones. Today Konftel is the world’s second largest manufacturer and retailer of products for remote meetings via telephones and computers. Konftel’s patented OmniSound® sound technology delivers crystal clear sound in both directions (known as full duplex). A hypersensitive microphone with 360° sound pick-up and speakers deliver powerful sound in any room. In Konftel’s range you can find products suitable from individual desktops and smaller meetings up to conference rooms and larger conference facilities