Sweden, Umeå, 2014-05-28
Konftel Rearrange – Aiming for New Products
Konftel, one of the world leaders in audio conferencing solutions, has recently announced a restructuring of its organisation.
As part of this move a number of changes have been made to the Konftel management team. Tommy Edlund, a well-known figure within the business, has been appointed Director of Global Sales and Torbjörn Karlsson has taken up the post of Product Manager. Together they have close to 30 years experience within Konftel and the audio conferencing industry.

“We have also had detailed discussions with our American owners Avaya about our role in the group”, said Konftel CEO Peter Renkel.Peter-Renkel-CEO.gif

“The conclusion is that Konftel will continue to work on the cutting edge of our niche industry. As the use of easy to operate and personalised conference units continues to grow, knowledge of the benefits of remote meetings is spreading, simultaneously driving demand for more quality products”.

“Our ambition is to bridge the gap that is emerging between simple USB solutions and advanced conference phones. Konftel has the technology, experience and capacity to develop new high-end products that cater to the full spectrum of remote meetings”.