Sweden, Umeå, 2014-11-03
Konftel 300IP validated for BroadSoft
The Konftel 300IP has been validated for use with BroadSoft BroadWorks in cloud-based unified communications. This means that the conference phone supports features in the communication server's SIP interface.
BroadSoft is a leading global provider of software that enables service providers to offer IP PBX/Centrex, Mobile PBX and other telephony connections. It integrates voice, video, fax and email communications for businesses and consumers worldwide. BroadSoft now certifies that the Konftel 300IP is compatible with the SIP interface in BroadWorks. The conference phone can therefore be recommended for use with the many cloud-based communication services based on BroadSoft's technology.
Fully-integrated experience
The Konftel 300IP is designed for an open world of IP communications. It creates a strong sense of virtual presence thanks to OmniSound® HD and is equipped with smart features that enable efficient remote meetings without any hassle. To ensure that all customers and users have full access to this experience, Konftel's strategy is to optimise and certify the Konftel 300IP for the leading communications platforms in the market. Together with our partners, we can guarantee a combination of performance and features that deliver business value in changing environments for unified communications.