Sweden, Umeå, 2015-01-21
The Konftel 220 makes it easy to meet
"There is still considerable demand for analogue conference phones in some markets. To address this demand, we are launching the Konftel 220, an uncomplicated and easy-to-use model with the same outstanding audio quality as our more advanced models,” says Konftel's Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson.
Stable, analogue phone lines are still the first choice in many parts of the world. The analogue market remains particularly strong in Asia and, to a certain extent, in North and South America and parts of southern Europe. The Konftel 100 used to be a popular entry-level model in Konftel's analogue range. Since it was phased out, there has been a gap in the product portfolio.
"We are now complementing our range of products with the Konftel 220 to provide a slightly simpler alternative to offices with analogue phone systems,” says Torbjörn Karlsson.

High-quality audio is imperative
The Konftel 220 is based on the same concept and exterior design as Konftel's 300 series. It incorporates the same advanced audio technology, Konftel's patented OmniSound®HD, which guarantees crystal-clear audio in all directions. The Konftel 220's focus on a few simple features helps you quickly get started and makes it easy to use.

Speed dialling keys
The Konftel 220, with its Scandinavian design, is an excellent choice for smaller meeting rooms and offices. It is equipped with five, simpe pre-program speed dialling keys to make it fast and easy to call your most frequently used numbers. Just like all other Konftel models, the Konftel 220 comes with a two-year warranty.