Sweden, Umeå, 2015-02-24
Konftel ZTI: Installing IP conference phones – no fuss, no bother
Thanks to Konftel ZTI users can be supplied with IP conference phones that just need to be plugged in to use. The Swedish company iCentrex was among the first to use the service. It is an important tool in their work to automate administration and make things easier for customers.
Both end-customers' IT administrators and full-service distributors and dealers can benefit from Konftel ZTI – Zero Touch Installation. That the IP conference phones do not need to be unpacked to be configured before being sent to end-users saves both time and money. Konftel ZTI makes it easier to use auto-provisioning for the Konftel 300IP. The web-based service directs phones to the appropriate provisioning server for automatic download of settings. The concept is well proven and is used for various types of network-connected IT equipment.

Helping iCentrex to make things easy

Now it's time for conference phones to be administered with equally effective tools. Tools that not only make new installations much easier, but that also simplify product replacements and software upgrades.
“The foundation of our business concept is that things should be easy,” says Samuel Beckstrand, CTO at iCentrex. “This also applies when buying and installing hardware. IP phones should be operable as soon as the network and power cables are plugged in.”
The company is a Swedish service provider that has received considerable recognition for the ease of administration in its cloud-based unified communications. They are now taking another step in the same direction and making it easy to add conference phones to customers' solutions.
“The devices shouldn't need to come to us first before delivery to the customers,” says Samuel Beckstrand. “We can solve this with the support of Konftel Zero Touch Installation.”

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